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Tear Off Hang Tags

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Tear Off Hang Tags

There might be a time where you need to use such kind of tags where a part of the tag can be teared down to remove some details while keeping some part of the detail. Tear off tags will be helpful when you choose to add some additional details to the tag i.e. tracking number or order number.

Our premium quality tear off hang tags are being used by many shop holders, travelling agents and/or luggage handlers as the way to add tracking details and identification numbers to their products. You might be going somewhere by a flight and have your luggage added to the luggage section of the flight. The luggage handling company will add the tear off hang tag to your luggage where the upper or un-tearing part of the tag will remain attached to your luggage with the thread and the tearable part will be teared off and handed to you.

Our custom built tear off hang tags can include any additional text like tracking number of both the fixed and tearable part while the die cut tear off tags can be printed in any shape. We can also provide the option to get the same number or any other code printed on both parts of a custom tear off hang tags so they can be used for identification and tracking purposes. We also offer common circular, square and rectangular tags in addition to the custom and die-cut ones

All our tags come with pre-added marks which can be used to easily tear off the part of each tag. You can choose to add any color you want by choosing our full-color printing option over CMYK.

Order the tear off hang tags now from us in cheap pricing and get your order shipped to you without any additional costs.

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