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Paper Hang Tags

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Paper Hang Tags

There might be an occasion where you want to use the simplest ever hang tags which are not only simple but, also provide the features of traditional hang tags. The paper hang tags are made final quality synthetic paper which is considered one of the premium quality paper in the market.

You can always choose from different shapes for your paper printed hang tags where custom made are available with any text on them or you can choose from die-cut ones in which you can get any kind of shape by using our custom cutting dies. Regular shapes like the rectangular, circular and square tags can also be printed.

You can also choose to add additional detailing on your paper tags by adding details by using the gold or silver foiling while the embossing/stamping options will ensure that your logo or desired shape in reflected on your final product.

You can also choose to add protection layer by selecting the UV coating which will add durability to the paper while also making it scratch proof. We also offer full-color option where you can get your desired color or select from a mixture of colors to make them attractive.

We offer premium quality tags printing on cheap rates and you can also choose from a team of our professional designers where you will be able to consult with them while trying to get your thoughts printed on final product. We are the only company in the United States who offers free design consulting while also keeping the shipping free of cost

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