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Mini Hang Tags

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Mini Hang Tags

Mini Hang Tags, as the name suggests lets you get the traditional hang tags in a more compact design and they are much smaller in size. Min hang tags are best for small items where you just want the necessary details to be showed on our tag while keeping the tag smaller in size.

You might want to use the custom mini tags on small items like pens, rings, earrings, or even small gift items where regular hang tags will prove to be very huge. These tags can include just labels or pricing details while adding beauty to the existing item.

We offer mini gift tags in practically any shape where our customers can select from a variety of min hangs tags including custom, die-cut and regular shapes. Custom built tags can include any text on your desired shaped tag while the die-cut tags can be printed in any shape of your needs.

Our custom built mini chalkboard tags can be printed on a variety of materials like cardboard which give strength and classic look while tags printed on vinyl material will ensure transparent styles while giving you water proof material.

Our dedicated team of designers is always ready to help our customers get the mini sized hang tags printed according to their requirements and get the full-colorful printed tags in premium quality. Our team can also help you choose the best detailing from foiling, emboss, stamping and/or UV protection.

Order the tags now from us, and we will ensure that you get your order printed and shipped even before the mentioned time. Our cheap priced but, top of class printing techniques enables us to ship every item free of cost to our customers without any hidden charges.

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