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Jeans Paper Hang Tags

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Jeans Paper Hang Tags

You might be selling clothing or other products made with jeans material where our jeans paper hang tags come handy. The jeans tags are basically, paper printed tags which jeans like threading on top of them giving them a look of jeans.

The tags manufactured from jeans are made by obtaining high quality jeans and after applying the paper on its back with special chemical treatment, the paper becomes a part of the jeans hence, making the product.

Our customers can select from a variety of jeans textures and qualities while different coloring options is also there. You can also select from different paper qualities where hard or soft paper will give your hang tags stiffness or softness respectively.

We also offer the options to get any color on the paper of jeans paper hang tags which will allow you to get the matching or contrast colors on the back paper of the hanging jeans tags.

Any shape can also be obtained while you get the jeans tag printed using our die-cut shape option. You can also get any text printed on the tags including your brand name by using the custom shape. Traditional shapes like rectangular, square or circular hang tags can also be printed from us.

You can also get the jeans hang tag design embossed or stamped with your logo or anything which will give them a physical change. All the custom jeans paper hanging tags ordered to us for printing are delivered to our customers without any additional cost making us one of the cheapest printing company in the United States.

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