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Classic Fold Over Tags

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Classic Fold Over Tags

Classic Fold Over tags printed by us can be used to show your details on the tags as well as enclose special message inside the fold. The fold over tag is made with special material of card which is very easy to fold but, still won’t break on repeated fold and unfolds.

The fold over tags can be printed in practically any shape which can vary from custom, die-cut, circular, rectangular or square tags. The die-cut folder over tags can be used to get any shape and folding style of your desire while the custom folder over tags lets you add any text on them.

Additional printing options like the gold/silver foiling can be used on classic folder over tags to give shine while embossing and stamping gives your tags a physical lift of surface. You can also choose to protect your classic folder over tags from scratches and wear and tear by giving them ultra-violet coating.

The classic folder over tags are printed in full-colors which means you will be able to get a full spectrum of colors in the best possible ways as compared to CMYK where only few colors can be attained.

The classic folder over tags will ensure that your products get the maximum attention by a user where the user will not only like the tags by physical description but, will also be attracted towards the product on which the tag is being used.

Classic fold over tags are available with free shipping all around the United States and we ensure the timely delivery of all orders to our valued customers.

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