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Apparel Hang Tags

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Apparel Hang Tags

Apparel hang tags are also like clothing materials but, they are more elegant and classic looking enabling you to add more beauty to your products. All the custom apparel tags printed by us will ensure that the product to which they are being attached also look unique and different from others.

Apparel tags can be printed by us in different shapes like the circular, rectangular and square tags while your desired shapes can be printed by using the custom apparel tags which can have text on them. The die-cut hanging apparel tags can also be printed in unique shapes which where any imaginable shape can be printed.

You can also select from full-color options enabling you to get any color printed. The full-color option allows us to print any single color you can may simply choose from a texture of colors or get any image printed.

We offer apparel hang tags in different materials including the cardboard ones which are very stiff while the textures and the colors on cardboard material can be customized. You can also select vinyl material which is transparent and are also waterproofing.

Additional customization can be achieved by using the embossing, stamping or foiling which will add more personalization to your apparel tags. You can also add an extra layer of protection by using the UV coating which will help protect your tags from scratches.

You can also choose to get your tags shipped free of cost to any address in the United States.

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