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Squeeze Tags

Squeeze Tags
You might be gifting some self-wrapped item to your friends or you might be selling some unusually shaped item at your store but, wrapping that unusually shaped item is pretty difficult so, that’s why we offer the squeeze tags which will squeeze the item and not only provide label but, also pack it.

You might be gifting a teddy bear to someone as a birthday present and can’t find a box for it as it is very big but, also don’t want the receiver to know at first sight that it’s a teddy bear then, you might wrap it in a gift paper. To close the opening head of the wrapping paper, you might want to use something which can also work as wrapping tape and provide beauty and that’s where these tags come handy. Simply select a squeeze tag and wrap its thread around the neck of the gift paper where it has an opening. The squeeze tag’s thread will work as the wrapping tape and the tag itself will also provide beauty while showing your message details.

Squeezable tags can come in different shapes and you can get custom-made with your desired text on it or simply select die-cut one and your desired shape to get is printed. The gas can also print in regular circular, square and rectangular shapes.

To make these tags more beautiful, we offer full-color options for printing which means you can get your tag printed in any color as well as mix two or more colors. You can also choose to add additional personalization by selecting from embossing, stamp, foiling or even UV coating to give the tags awesome looks.

Order the squeeze tags from us now and we will provide free shipping for all your ordered items in the United States.

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