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Silkscreen Printed Fabric Tags

Silkscreen printed tags
We, at Hangtagsco.com, enables us to get any kind of tag printed using the screen printing techniques. We use special techniques to achieve the screen printing which not only provides with the attractive colors but, also let the tag work as a label.

Silkscreen printed hang tags can be printed in different shapes including standard rectangular, square and circular ones. The custom silkscreen printed tags can be used to get any kind of text printed on the item while the die-cut ones will provide the option of getting any shape printed.

The silkscreen technique enables us to print the tags on any material whether it be cardboard r vinyl. The cardboard material can be used in places where you aim to get stiffness and custom textures. You can also choose from a vinyl material which is not only waterproof but, can also have the transparency.

You can select to get the silkscreen tags printed in full-colors which enable us to use as many colors as we want. Full-color enables us to print images in full colors.

Our team of skilled designers is always ready to assist our customers in getting their desired tags printed according to their specifications. Our designers provide all the designing services free of cost and they won’t send the design forward until it is finalized by you.

You can get all your ordered delivered to your doorsteps at the mentioned time of delivery without any incurring cost.

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