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Shear Tags

Shear Hang Tags
There might be an occasion when you want to use the tags which not only work as labels but, also provide the work of business cards to give information about your business. That’s where the shear hangs tags come handy. Our high-quality shear bubble tags are custom built with the size of a regular business card which means you can only use the same tags as a business card for the marketing of your business.

Custom sheer bottle tags can also include your contact information, website as well as your services while the traditional labeling and product details can also be found on the die cut shear tags. We also offer custom built die cut shear tags which can contain your desired text, die-cut shear hang tags can come in any shape whereas, the traditional round, rectangular and square tags can also be printed.

We print all the tags in the full-color options which can you get your desired color printed or simply get a mixture of different colors. Additional details like silver/gold foiling can be opted by our customers to give their shear hang tags a shiny look whereas, the embossing and stamping will let you get your logo or any shape printed physically on your tag. Our valued customers can also choose to get their tags protected by using the UV protection where your tags will also get protection along with an added shining layer.

All the tags can be printed in the cardboard material can be used as a business card where both the sides of the tags are printed while with your preferred things on each side.

Shear tags can be ordered from us in cheap pricing where our team of designers will help you choose the best layout and coloring option as per your desire. We also offer free shipping on all ordered items through the United States.

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