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Kraft Paper Hang Tags

Kraft Paper Hang Tags
Kraft paper hangs tags are made specifically from a brown paper which is extra tough and can be used mainly for labeling and comment things. These tags are printed in any color but, the brownish paper looks elegant which will add beauty to your products.

We offer Kraft paper tags in a custom setup where you can get any text printed while the die-cut shapes will ensure that all your wanted shape is printed from that crafting material. You can also choose from circular, rectangular and square shaped brown Kraft paper tags.

Our customers can choose to add additional details like embossing or stamping which will add physical attraction to the tags while keeping your original shape. You can also choose from silver or gold foiling to add shine while UV protection will ensure that your paper hangs tags always get scratch protection.

You can also choose to get full-color printed on your Kraft paper hang tags which will ensure that your tags are best in looks and you can get your desired mixture of colors to achieve the best looks and design.

All our tags are pre-punched with silver rings in the hole to ensure that the thread is used in the tags doesn’t damage the tag. We also offer free of cost delivery of all printed products and any size of order in the United States.

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