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Fold Over Tags

Fold Over Hang Tags
There might be a circumstance when you want to get that kind of tag printed which not only includes the conventional details like label, specification, and pricing but, also have some message or special offer hidden beneath the tag. That’s where the fold overhang tags come handy as the folder of these tags will ensure that your special message is hidden beneath them while giving the details on the front or the front of the tag might simply include your brand logo or image. These Fold over custom tags are sized a bit larger than the standard fold over tags.

Fold over tags offered by us come in different shapes and folding styles where you can select anyone you like. We offer any type of folding style which can be nearly achieved on the printed material you chose. Custom built tags can be used to print your desired text, logo or image on your tag whereas, the die-cut tags will let you chose from any desired shape you want.

Our printed Fold over custom tags will not only look beautiful in the shape you choose but, the colors added to them are realistic thanks to our full-color printing support. If you want additional details on your tag then, the embossing/stamping option will let you print the logo physically on the fold over hangtag while foiling can be used to give shinning.

We offer printing support on all sides of Fold-over die cut tags without any additional cost which means you can choose any color or detail to be printed. The fold over tags can also come in more than two folds but, the cost of the tags remains the same.

You can get your tags printed at competitive cheap pricing and our state of the art printing technology will ensure that your orders are printed on time and get shipped to you free of cost.

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